McCausey Specialty Products

McCausey Building

At McCausey Specialty Products, we focus on providing cost-effective solutions and obtaining your long-term allegiance and trust. Call 800-365-9663 to speak with a McCausey representative.

McCausey Today: the Tradition Continues

Over the years, McCausey Lumber Company’s customer base and product line broadened immensely.  In 2013, the business name was changed to McCausey Specialty Products, to better reflect the companies direction, given its diversity. The company continues to be a stocking

Location and Facilities

Our primary warehouse facilities are located 20 miles North of Metro Detroit, in the suburb of Roseville, Michigan. Our close proximity to all the major freeways makes for convenient shipping and receiving. Click map or click here for interactive mapping

Over 100-year Family Legacy

The lumber yard was located in Detroit in 1948.

McCausey Lumber Company (Union City, Michigan) was founded in the early 1900’s by Mr. John W. McCausey, providing industrial lumber and timber products.  In 1936, Thomas J. McCausey joined the company, and broadened the product line with construction lumber and