New Product Announcement: DuraLam LVL Scaffold Boards

scaffoldingLaminated Veneer Lumber scaffold plank has been widely accepted and used for decades and today McCausey is one of the original suppliers servicing the industry. In fact, Jim Gilleran, former owner of McCausey Lumber, introduced MASTER PLANK LVL Scaffold Plank to industry back in the early 70’s. He recognized the growing difficulty with sourcing good quality sawn lumber for scaffold plank usage, so in cooperation with the product development group at FinnForest Corporation, he initiated testing and consulted with various organizations such as ANSI and OSHA, in an effort to develop what is deemed today to be one of the superior scaffold plank products on the market. Today, the Master Plank is the oldest or longest tenure laminated plank products still produced.

Every smart business person knows that single sourcing of materials can be dangerous or crippling if the manufacturer has raw material supply problems, or worse yet, has a fire which shuts production down. Given our more than 60 years experience, McCausey recognizes the importance of jobsite safety and makes a conscious effort to only offer scaffold plank products which exceed OSHA and industry standards. We also recognize that clients expect readily available supply and deserve to have options from which to choose.

We are pleased to announce that after several months of testing and evaluation, we now offer DuraLam Douglas Fir laminated scaffold plank. Each plank is proof-tested and quality control is regularly audited by the American Plywood Association. DuraLam is produced with the latest and greatest manufacturing techniques and undoubtedly exceeds OSHA and CSA standards.

So, if you like options and want a trusted source for wood scaffold plank, speak with a McCausey representative and ask about the benefits of DuraLam.