New Product Announcement: Mud Buddy Mortar Boards

mudbuddy172pToday, contractors are forced to bid jobs with super tight margins with little room for error or cost over-runs.

Jobsite efficiency and worker productivity are more important than ever so using the right tools and equipment is essential. McCausey has been providing OSHA recognized scaffold plank to the masonry and plastering trades for decades, and we’re striving to offer other products which compliment the needs of industry.

We are pleased to announce… MUD BUDDY Mortar Boards.

  • Made with dense hardwood plywood and over-laid with special phenolic film that is specifically designed to resist the harsh ingredients of concrete, MUD BUDDY will perform beyond expectation.
  • Film overlay on both sides, so boards can be flipped to extend usage.
  • Phenolic overlay prevents moisture absorption, improving workability with trowel.
  • Hardwood enhances durability and resists potential of warping.
  • Will not become brittle and break do to exposure to cold weather.
  • Film face prevents mortar stick, making cleaning a breeze.
  • Light weight and user friendly design with eased edges and handle hole.

Bottom line: Using MUD BUDDY Mortar Boards will increase productivity and provide savings because of fewer replacements.