OBO Modulan Tooling Boards

For more than 20 years, OBO Modulan has been considered to be the premier polyurethane tooling board on the market. Its proprietary formulation makes this product very homogeneous and dimensionally stable.

The unique design properties give Modulan outstanding machining characteristics, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and minimal dissipation of dust when machined.

McCausey maintains an extensive inventory of sizes and densities, and we now have the capability of providing you with a custom glued up block, sized specifically for your application. In addition, the new 700 series tooling board can be custom manufactured to the size and approximate shape for the project, therefore minimizing waste, optimizing machining time, and eliminating the prevalence of glue lines.

OBO Modulan Tooling Board Product Information Sheet

OBO Modulan HT Tooling Board Product Information Sheet

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