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About Concrete Forming Plywood

Selecting the proper plywood for concrete formwork is essential. When specifications call for a specific surface finish or you need to obtain a certain number of pours without having to replace the plywood panels, it’s critical to choose the right product. There are several options, but in simplistic terms there are four categories; Phenolic Surface Film (PSF), High Density Overlay (HDO), Medium Density Overlay (MDO), and Plyform (BB-OES).

Regardless which formwork plywood selected, remember that surface finish and panel life is predicated upon proper care and maintenance. Periodic cleaning of the form panels, using a forming oil or release agent, and being careful not to over vibrate the concrete mixture, will all enhance the life of the plywood and reduce the possibility of imperfections on the concrete surface.

Consult our selection guide to determine which concrete form plywood is most suitable for your application.

Data Sheet:

Concrete Form Plywood Specification Guide



XtraPly Birch Plywood (PSF), BB Plyform, HDO Concrete Form Plywood, MDO Concrete Form Plywood


1/2in (12mm) x 4ft x 8ft, 3/4in (19mm) X 4ft X 8ft

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