Industrial Flooring Panels

Industrial Flooring Panels
Industrial Flooring PanelsIndustrial Flooring Panels

About Industrial Flooring Panels

Many attributes must be considered when selecting the proper flooring surface for a factory installation. Specialized applications such as production line skillets, conveyor line platforms, and spray booth flooring, all have unique circumstances which should be carefully evaluated.

Is slip resistance a preference? Does the flooring need to be resistant to chemicals or solvents? Are there fire rating standards to be considered? Is electrostatic discharge a concern? What surface wear and durability characteristics are expected? Each of these questions should be answered before arbitrarily assuming that any plywood will perform adequately.

McCausey can offer various product solutions, from Beech hardwood plywood with special coatings to HDPE over-laid panels in various surface textures.

Available in many configurations. Inquire with a McCausey representative.

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