McCausey Beech-Ply Outrigger Pads

Beech Ply Outrigger Pads
Beech Ply Outrigger PadsBeech Ply Outrigger Pads

About McCausey Beech-Ply Outrigger Pads

McCausey Outrigger Pads are like no other. Composed entirely of Beech hardwood veneers bonded with exterior adhesive, these pads are extremely durable and strong. Even is soft soil conditions, our pads perform beyond expectation and provide that needed support for your heavy equipment. The extreme fiber bending strength of Beech wood is approximately 25% greater than plastic and 30% more than softwood plywood pads.

For easy handling in the field, each pad is equipped with a rope handle, and despite the density of Beech wood, the physical weight of each pad is still very manageable.

McCausey Outrigger Pads are ideal for concrete pumper trucks, boom trucks, utility bucket trucks, tree trimming equipment, and scaffolding muds sills.

If you are tired of constantly replacing your outrigger pads, here is the solution. There is no minimum order quantity and we can promptly ship anywhere.



2-3/4in x 24in x 24in, 2-3/4in x 30in x 30in

Available in single item quantities.

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