Mud Buddy Mortar Boards

Mud Buddy Mortar Boards

About Mud Buddy Mortar Boards

Mud Buddy Mortar Boards are made with hardwood plywood and each side is over-laid with phenolic film specifically designed to resist the harsh chemicals and ingredients of cement. The special film is applied to both sides to minimize moisture absorption, keep them flat, and provide for two usable sides. With eased edges, radius corners, and a carrying handle, Mud Buddy is very user friendly and will provide lasting performance.

Masonry and plastering is strenuous work. Mud Buddy Mortar Boards can make this daunting task easier and improve job-site productivity. They won’t crack and break when exposed to cold climates and are very economical to purchase.

No minimum purchase required and easily shipped.

Size: 24in x 24in

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