Pattern Laminated Plank

Laminated Pattern Plank
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About Pattern Laminated Plank

Pattern Laminated Plank is composed of narrow strips of clear wood which have been kiln-dried, finger-jointed, and glued into one uniform board. The unique fabrication process eliminates the inherent defects of natural lumber, and the orientation of the wood laminations provides for a flat and homogeneous board, ideal for making wood fixtures or patterns.

McCausey maintains a comprehensive inventory of various wood specie and sizes. Sugar Pine has a very uniform and straight-grain cell structure by nature, making it very easy to machine or work by hand. When the application requires material with a higher density, Alder may be the better alternative.

Pattern Laminated Plank Specification Sheet



Sugar Pine Laminated Plank, Alder Laminated Plank


4/4 (1in) X 18in X 96in, 6/4 (1-1/2in) X 18 X 96, 9/4 (2-1/4in) X 18 X 96, 13/4 (3-1/4in) X 18 X 96, 17/4 (4-1/4in) X 18 X 96, 21/4 (5-1/4in) X 18 X 96, 23/4 (5-3/4in) X 18 X 96, 24/4 (6in) X 18in X 96in

Available in Sugar pine and Alder in several sizes. Choose species and size.

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