Pattern Lumber

Mahogany Pattern Lumber
Jelutong Pattern LumberJelutong Pattern LumberJelutong Pattern Lumber

About Pattern Lumber

Because of potential variations of grade qualities, McCausey is very particular about its sourcing of supply. Many clients prefer the high quality we are able to obtain.



Mahogany, FAS, Kiln Dried, Jelutong, FAS, Kiln Dried


4/4 (1in) X RW X RL, 6/4 (1-1/2in) X RW X RL, 8/4 (2in) X 12in X RL, 8/4 (2in) X RW X RL

Choose from Mahogany FAS Grade KD, and Jelutong, FAS, Kiln Dried. Several sizes available. Choose size.

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