Specialty Services

Custom Cutting, CNC Machining and Modulan Tooling Board Glue-up

Providing you with the right material for your project is just part of our commitment to being your preferred vendor.

In this demanding business world, project timing and overall expense is  also critical to the success of your company.  We offer some specialized services  so you can expedite your project most effectively.

With CNC cutting, we have the capability of providing a custom cut-to-size and machined panel to your exact specifications.  We can machine the product of your choice with drilled holes, slots, groves and eased edges. Simply provide us with drawings and tolerance limits, and we will submit a quote for a ready to install panel. Quantity limits may apply.

We now offer custom glue-up of our Modulan tooling board product line.  When confronted with tight time constraints, give us the opportunity to submit a bid for providing a ready-to-machine block of Modulan.

You just may find we’re able to help make you more cost competitive.

McCausey is committed to making your business most efficient!