Six World Records Broken

Early this year, McCausey supplied the LVL materials needed to construct a new cycling velodrome in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  In August, six world records were broken during the Pan Am Track Cycling Championships on this vary track, proving again that the design and assembly of tracks with engineered wood products is superior to other construction materials.

McCausey’s involvement with velodrome tracks began back in 2002, when Mike Gilleran (CEO) had the good fortune of establishing a special partnership with well known track designer Peter Junek.  At first we were supplying typical dimensional lumber and plywood products.  In 2004, Mike helped integrate the use of Master Plank (Kerto) LVL and supplied the practice track for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.  To date, Mike has been involved in the construction of 18 velodrome facilities, but since professional velodrome racing is more of a foreign sports activity, we have only advised and supplied one track here in the United States.

We focus primarily on high profile cycling arena’s designated for professional riding events. Of course, professional tracks are not readily built every year, and the volume of  materials used to construct a track in not tremendous, but for Mike and Peter, every velodrome track project is important.  Each project is unique and requires more ingenuity and thought than traditional construction projects built with commodity-like wood products.  It’s another facet to the business that exemplifies our ability to be innovative and provide product solutions to customers.


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