The simple calculation formula is Thickness (inches) x Width (inches) x Length (feet), divided by 12.

Both products have similar exterior adhesive, but genuine “marine grade” panels have void-free veneers for the inner ply. The core platform veneers are defect-free with no open knots or splits.

This depends upon the mixture of product types and sizes of each items sought, but as a general rule, a full semi-truck of lumber and plywood should have an overall weight of no more than 48,000 pounds of material. However, in some areas of the country, larger multi-axle trailers are allowed and these can legally transport up to 80,000 pounds.

Most plywood products are sanded to thickness, thereby thinning the overall measurement. 

This varies by manufacturer, but in most cases, plywood mills intentionally package bundles to be 33” in height, which is the most conducive for space utilization on trucks and railcars. Normally ½” plywood is 66 pieces per bundle and ¾” plywood is 44 pieces per bundle.  

SPF  is an abbreviation for softwood species Spruce, Pine & Fir. These three wood species are commonly harvested in large volumes and have similar strength values and grade qualities. Grading rules have been established so that lumber mills can group these species under one stamped grade and produce lumber more efficiently in large volumes.


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