Have Lumber Prices Bottomed Out?

The price of lumber rocketed from around $400 per thousand board feet in February 2020 to an all-time high of over $1,600 in early May. "Wow!" is an understatement...... READ MORE

Izu Japan Velodrome

Constructed in 2020, the JKA 250 velodrome cycling track is yet another proud accomplishment for McCausey.... READ MORE

Specialty Plywood And Engineered Lumber

Just never know what our customers are going to fabricate with our materials.  All we know is that our clients are true craftsman with a passion for using wood products to construct virtually anything.... READ MORE

Unique Products For Unique Applications

Many of the specialty items we offer are used for unique projects and applications. Plywood panels and laminated pattern plank is often used to fabricate core boxes for foundry fixtures.... READ MORE

Special: McCausey Outrigger Pads

100% Beech hardwood with rope handle... READ MORE

Safety Debris Netting

New Inventory Item At McCausey... READ MORE

Creative Millwork With Master Plank LVL

LVL is more than just a structural material.... READ MORE

Six World Records Broken

on velodrome cycling track supplied by McCausey.... READ MORE

Jobsite Safety Going To New Heights

Don't be surprised when OSHA begins to implement the use of drones for inspection purposes.... READ MORE

Proper Storage Of Scaffold Plank

during off-season or winter months is essential.... READ MORE

Virtually Everything You Touch

begins with a prototype model... READ MORE

Master Plank Fire Treated Scaffold Plank

has been utilized by industrial trades for over 40 years.... READ MORE

Modulan 502 Tooling Board

We are excited about introducing this new and improved grade quality of Modulan.... READ MORE

A Bargain Is Something You Pay For Later!

When shopping for scaffold plank, it pays to be informed.... READ MORE


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