Meet Mike

Mike Gilleran had the good fortune of learning the family business at early age.  At just 12 years old, he learned to drive a forklift and worked in the lumber yard and mill. In his early teens, his father (Jim Gilleran) was taking him to trade shows and visits to lumber and plywood mills.  By 16, Mike was traveling overseas with his father, visiting suppliers overseas in Finland, Germany and elsewhere.  Upon graduating from Michigan State University in 1985, Mike joined the family business full-time managing the yard operation in Detroit and eventually moved into sales of engineered wood products.

Mike was very fortunate to have such opportunities, which ultimately groomed him to take over the business in 2005 and continue the family legacy.  His experience through years taught him the importance building strong relationships with vendors and customers, the backbone behind a strong business.

When you inquire with McCausey, don't be surprised to find out that Mike was involved with your transaction one way or another.  He recognizes the importance of earning your business and makes sure he and the staff go the extra mile to earn your trust and long-term loyalty.