Falls From Scaffold

There is tremendous risk exposure for not using OSHA recognized scaffolding products.  If a scaffold plank fails because it wasn't compliant, or the entire scaffold assembly collapses because of improper design, you (the business owner) could be found legally negligent.  The financial implications could very well put you out of business; not to mention the shame and embarrassment incurred.

Recently, a contracting group working on an above ground storage tank in Port of Wilmington had a worker fall 40 feet from scaffold assembly and lose his life.   After investigations, the company was ordered to pay over $687,000 in fines for various safety violations.

It is imperative to have a scaffold safety program and at least one staff member designated as the "Competent and Qualified Scaffold Safety Representative. "  Empower them to scrutinize all aspects of your safety program and include them in the selection of all scaffold equipment and scaffold plank.